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Integrated management of residential real estate assets

Real estate investment strategies

Real Estate Investment Strategies

RKS AM designs and delivers strategies that encompass the entire real estate investment cycle, maximizing the value and profitability of assets, with agile and transparent management.
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To date, we have analyzed:
Real estate investment strategies

Property Management

Specialized in the integral management of affordable rental housing with nationwide coverage.
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Real estate investment strategies

Asset Management

We know, structure and manage
real estate investment vehicles.
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Investment strategies in residential areas

Experts in real estate management.

Since its creation in 2015, RKS AM has established itself as a pioneer residential servicer in the comprehensive management of real estate assets in non-prime areas of Spain.
RKS AM is made up of an experienced team of professionals, with capillarity and local knowledge specialized in the real estate sector, providing services such as Property and Asset management to large asset management companies, providing 360º comprehensive solutions to our clients.
Our wide network of suppliers distributed throughout the national territory allows us to provide a quick response to issues, optimizing the processes of adaptation, commercialization, management of collections and unpaid debts, repair and maintenance, reducing the time of action, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

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Real estate investment strategies
Real estate investment strategies

Real Estate Asset Optimization

Comprehensive advice to our clients, providing solutions and adapting to their needs.
Operating costs, we implement measures to reduce costs and ensure the greatest increase and performance and increased revenue for our customers.
Transparency and professionalism, with our specialized teams, we perform internal audits periodically.
Efficiencyand proximity, as a fundamental part of customer service.
Maximize occupancy, marketing the homes in the shortest possible time.
Maximum efficiency in the management of collections and delinquency.

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Excellence in the management of real estate portfolios.

  • Improve the energy efficiency of the managed buildings, including support for access to investment financing grants.
    Establish policies sensitive to situations of vulnerability, policies offering customized solutions.
    Integral management of assets that allow us to offer management based on experience, planning, organization and knowledge.
    Legal services and solutions, adapting to the needs and objectives of each client.
    Implementation of ESG policies.
    Integrated reporting adapted
    to the needs of our clients.
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Excellence in RKS management

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