Legal & Compliance

As part of the management and administration of real estate assets, we offer legal services and solutions, adapting to the needs and objectives of each client. 
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360º legal services and solutions in real estate asset management.

  • Management and control of payments.

  • Advice on investment and divestment processes.

  • Representation in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.

  • Legal advice on asset management.

Legal services and solutions

Control of delinquency in leased properties, rent scoring, amicable collection and out-of-court settlements, sending of burofaxes for claiming amounts, initiation of legal actions, monitoring of eviction and rent claim procedures, management of non-payment insurance and advances of unpaid rent, drafting and review of lease agreements, addenda, communications and others.

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Regulatory Compliance

    Identification of the regulatory framework that applies to each client, in order to avoid future non-compliance and sanctions, as a consequence of non-compliance with laws, regulations, codes of conduct and others. Control and follow-up in purchase and sale transactions, capital increases, applications and procedures in Mercantile Registries, Property Registries and Notary Offices.
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Foreclosure proceedings.

Monitoring of foreclosure proceedings, through the management of simple notes, auction portal and direct intermediation between attorneys and lawyers.

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