About us

RKS Asset Management

Founded in 2015, RKS AM is the pioneering residential servicer in the integrated management of non-prime real estate assets.

The Company

The company manages, among others, the assets of Ktesios SOCIMI, QPQ SOCIMI and the Luxembourg investment fund RKS Real Estate.
RKS-AM has an experienced team of professionals with extensive local knowledge specialized in the real estate sector, providing comprehensive property and asset management services to large asset management companies and institutional investors.
Assets under management


RKS AM belongs to an independent real estate group with international focus and presence, specialized in structuring and managing investment vehicles. It has a consolidated team with proven experience in wealth management, property management, capital markets, real estate and financial markets.


SOCIMI listed on BME Growth that invests in non-prime areas with affordable rents with an asset management and prudent management approach.
Real estate investment fund, which invests in usufructs and REITs/SOCIMIs, oriented to investors with a medium/long-term investment horizon.
First Listed Company for Investment in the Real Estate Market, specialized in making the rental of dispersed housing profitable.