technical management

Technical Real Estate Management

Specialists in management, analysis and processing of residential building projects, aimed at recovering and transforming real estate assets from the banking and/or development sector.
Assets in portfolio
Technical specialists

Network of collaborators

Thanks to our wide network of suppliers, distributed throughout the national territory, we can give a quick response in different areas. Optimizing the repair and maintenance processes, reducing the action times, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

Incident resolution

We guarantee the good condition of our clients' properties, resolving incidents or claims that have occurred in them, coordinating all the professionals involved, insurance company, expert and repairer. Monitoring the complete cycle of the file until its resolution.

Supply management

We have our own team in charge of the processing and management of bulletins, certificates and documentation necessary to reactivate the supply of housing, resolving any incidents that may occur during the process.

Incidents resolved
Unit in equipment



Telephone and telematic attention.
Electricity, water and gas bulletins.
On-site verification of each file.
Registration, cancellation and changes of supplies.
Analysis of information for evaluation.
Extension or down payment rights.
Selection of the professional according to the claim.
IRG2/ IRG3 certificates and others.
Follow-up and evolution of repairs.
Overhaul and start-up of installations.
Monitoring of multi-peril claims.
Control of consumption and collection invoices.
Invoice request, review and processing.
Management of municipal taxes and fees.
Inventories and equipment.
Inventory review and check list.
Verification of completed work (photographs, communications or work reports)