Marketing management

Our objective is to optimize the performance of the portfolios and minimize their cost, as well as to improve the service offered.

With more than 3,200 leasing contracts formalized throughout the country, we have a network of more than 90 sales representatives specialized in rentals. Reaching an occupancy rate of over 90%, at RKS AM we ensure that the properties are marketed in the shortest possible time, and thus focus on the relationship with tenants so that they can build their homes.

Formalized contracts


Rentals and sales

Potential Scoring.

Incoming and outgoing inventory.

Relationship with tenants.

City council procedures.

SEPA Mandate.

Contracts, renewals and terminations.


Deposit of deposits.

Official agencies.

Settlement of tenant deposits.

Bonds agreement.

Non-payment insurance

Policy management.

Negotiation and selection of offers.