RKS-AM appoints Andrés Galindo as head of its new investment, valuation and sustainability division

RKS AM has created this new area to optimize client investments and ensure the implementation of high sustainability standards across all its assets. The company has an ambitious strategic plan to reach 5,000 assets under management by 2025.

Madrid, October 3, 2023 - RKS Asset Management, the pioneering residential servicer in the integrated management of real estate assets in non-prime areas , has added Andrés Galindo to its senior management team as new director of investments, valuation and sustainability, a new area that the company has just created to optimize client investments and ensure the implementation of high sustainability standards in all its assets.


The appointment of Andrés Galindo and the creation of the new area are part of RKS-AM's ambitious strategic plan, which aims to reach 5,000 assets under management by 2025. The company specializes in identifying investment opportunities in non-prime areas and maximizing returns through specialized and comprehensive management, with a firm commitment to sustainability and social impact.


Andrés Galindo has experience in financial advisory, private equity and sustainability. Prior to joining RKS AM, among other positions, he served as investment director at Terranum, a Colombian company dedicated to the development of real estate, office, logistics and industrial projects, and collaborated with ALIVE Ventures to support the development of a climate change investment strategy that contributes to the climate resilience of low-income communities in the LATAM region. He was also president of the Venture Capital and Private Equity club at IE Business School.


Galindo holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, where he also studied a Master's degree in the same specialty, and an MBA from IE Business School.


"The creation of the new investment, valuation and sustainability area will allow us to continue driving RKS Asset Management's mission to offer a comprehensive service to our clients to optimize their investments, as well as to be in line with the high sustainability standards of the capital markets. Andres' experience in both the real estate sector and in the development of sustainability strategies will be key to lead this area and will contribute to continue becoming a benchmark in asset management in non-prime areas", says Luis Martin, CEO of RKS-AM.


"It is an honor and a challenge to join this great project. Together with the entire RKS-AM team, we will work to continue helping our partners to identify the investment opportunities that exist in this market and to optimize asset management. One of our top priorities will be to ensure high sustainability standards in these assets and to contribute to the economic development of the communities where they are located," says Andrés Galindo, RKS-AM's Director of Investment, Valuation and Sustainability.


RKS Asset Management was created in 2015 and has established itself as a specialized and pioneering full-service residential rental and asset manager in non-prime areas for wealth and institutional clients. Its strategies encompass the entire real estate investment cycle, maximizing the value of assets, with agile and transparent management. The company manages a portfolio of more than 1,500 assets with a 95% occupancy rate and a market value of more than 60MM euros.


About RKS Asset Management

Founded in 2015, RKS-AM is the pioneering residential servicer in the comprehensive management of real estate assets in non-prime areas. The company has a portfolio under management of more than 1,500 assets in 52 municipalities in 14 provinces and with a 95% occupancy rate. The company manages, among others, the assets of Ktesios SOCIMI and the Luxembourg investment fund RKS Real Estate.


RKS-AM has an experienced team of professionals, with capillarity and local knowledge specialized in the real estate sector, providing comprehensive property and asset management services to large asset management and institutional companies.

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